Volcanoes National Park has Re OPENED !!! ~~ 24 Hours a Day access to the park is restored !~!~!!!~ Volcanoes National Park has announced that they are opening selected safe areas within the National Park.~ not all areas of the park will be accessable~~Chain of Craters Road will be Open to the Holei Sea Arch~~-, as well ~ the HVNP Visitor Center,_~~ Sections of Crater Rim Trail as far as Kilauea Military Camp~~- ,the Pu'uloa Petroglyphs~,Mauna Ulu Trail to Pu'uhuluhulu,_ ~ Sulphur Banks Trail,~ Kilauea Iki Overlook,~ Devastation Trail and Pu'u Pua'i~, Mauna Loa Road to Kipukapuaulu and the Tree Molds, will be open to pedestrians and bicyclists past Kipukapuaulu,~~ Crater Rim Drive to Keanakako'i Crater, for pedestrians and bicyclists only~~The Ka'u Desert will be open as far as the "Footprints" Shelter area~~~ The Volcano Art Center Gallery and Kilauea Military Camp also plan to open on Sept. 22~~ Time to start visiting Volcano Village once again !~~ Make your 2018 - 2019 Holiday Vacation rental reservations now. - It feels so absolutely wonderful to be getting Our Volcanoes National Park ( And Our Back Yard ) Back to visit after such a long time.~~ So much has changed from the eruption and collapse events these past months.~ Halema'uma'u Crater is now some 1600 feet deep ( 488m ) and Seven times as large as prior to the collapse events !!~!- Volcano Village is as beautiful as it ever was, we are all very happy and thankful to again be welcoming visitors to our Volcano Village community where the Mauna Kilauea air is cool and fresh at the 4100 foot ( 1250 m )summit elevation.-~* Volcano is a wonderful location from which to explore the entire Eastern and Southern coastal areas of the island~ - Please feel welcome to call or contact me with any needs or questions you may have.
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Read the announcement & watch amazing drone video of Halema'uma'u Crater

Check for Updates and Alerts:~~ NPS Volcanoes National Park Recovery Map

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I strive to treat my guests as I myself would hope to be treated while out in the world traveling.
This is Your vacation and Your special time.
As your host at the cottage it is my purpose and genuine pleasure to make you comfortable at home and to make sure your needs are met (or exceeded) while for the most part remaining invisible unless requested.
I will mention that there are NO "Additional Surcharges or Cleaning Fees" beyond State Tax.
This practice of "additional fees & such" has become somewhat of the norm these days. (but not here ! )
What you see is what you get, no surprises.
Intimate, eclectic,
romantic and whimsical,
Hawaii Kilauea Volcano Upcountry Mauna Loa rainforest getaway cottage at the 4,000 foot elevation
A bit of a step back in time, the cottage is adorned with a beautiful and interesting blend of Early American Folk & Impressionist Art, 19th c. photography, fine vintage floral and avian embroidery compositions and a wealth of other worldly curiosities from times past.
(Grandmas house ... with a few twists)
After exploring the Volcanoes National Park you can, at your will and leisure, come home ... plug into our tech saturated world to your hearts delight OR opt out for a while and just enjoy the simpler pleasures of life that the lush mountain rain forest and its chattering, happy native bird inhabitants provide.
Clear star studded evenings and night time Volcano viewing offer easily attained additional pleasures.




There is a cozy easy to operate electric fireplace, nice thick Terri Cloth robes, heated beds, and Heavy 200 gram flannel sheets to insure comfortable evenings on the mountain.
What else could one possibly want for ? ... Candlelight ? .... we got candle light ..... Popcorn, music or a movie? .... we got that too.
If we don't have something we will try our sincere best to provide it for you.
A creative, private and unusual mountain haven.
The cottage offers 1200 square feet of quiet and private, room to roam open space with a high vaulted open living room clear story ceiling.
The Living Room has a Sony/Google 36" Internet Connected T.V. (Netflix, Music,Web)
The Upstairs Master bedroom sports a cushy memory foam topped Cal King bed individually heated on both sides with exceptional linens and an abundance of pillows and shams.
The master bedroom also has a 22" Internet Connected T.V. (Netflix, Music, Web)
The second and smaller bedroom is a very comfortable, bright light and airey space.
This room has a Heated Full size memory foam topped bed.
This bedroom also has a 24" Internet Connected T.V. (Netflix, Music, Web)
The cottage is equipped with a Graco Pack 'n Play On the Go Travel Playard, Go Green with mattress, sheets and waterproof mattress pad, safety gates & electrical plug covers.
There is a full bathroom/tub/shower on the lower floor in addition to the water closet (toilet & sink) upstairs.

Inside the cottage is a non smoking environment. (smoking is not a problem on the deck area)
There is a light daily house cleaning
WiFi & Ethernet internet access are provided.


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There is a nicely arranged, well equipped kitchen and tiled island area.
The ever ready & willing waffle maker with fixings & French Press coffee maker make easing into your Volcano mornings simple and pleasurable.
Fresh whole coffee beans, a variety of teas, lots of fresh island spring / deep well water are always provided for guests.
There are always plenty of rices, spices and oils on hand for guests in the cottage.
No need to buy more for your stay.
A private open air deck equipped with two Zero Gravity lounge chairs is nestled under the canopy of the secluded rainforest of Hapu'u Tree Ferns, Magnolia, Camellia and a host of other native plants amidst the sounds of songbirds.
The cottage is vintage 1940's Hawaii and has been further endowed with an eclectic, creative blend of materials in a peculiar mix of Victorian / Deco style / Hawaiian Cane House influences.
Located in the original historic section of Old Town Volcano Village, the cottage is about one mile from the entry to Volcanoes National Park.
One could easily spend three full days exploring this very large & wonderful park and still have much more to see on a future visit to Volcano.
Additionally both Hilo and the South Point areas are easy and doable short 30 mile drives and offer the traveler a wide range of hiking, island exploring, entertainment and dining choices as well.
In its very own way Volcano is ideally centrally located for entire island touring.


Living in a Native Hawaiian Rain Forest that is located at the 4,000 foot summit elevation of Mt. Kilauea and Halemaumau Crater has its challenges on air quality both inside and out. Volcano is beautiful beyond compare, but you have to work at cleaning / treating the air a bit. You don't need to unduly "Fear" the air terribly, but it is, at any rate a good and sensible thing to consider when visiting Volcano. The cottage is well equipped to keep these assorted elements under control. The active volcano by nature discharges volcanic gasses are called "VOG". Thankfully most of the time we have our Trade Winds which take much of this to the South and out to sea. The rain forest is by definition, a Wet environment. Moisture, Mold and Mildew can present problems as well. The cottage has Three Levoit Carbon Hepa filters running throughout the cottage. These really help.control all of the mentioned elements from volcanic gas, odors, spores to mold and dust and mildew , etc. There are also Two dehumidifiers ( air moisture removal, which also run with air cleaning filters ) One is dedicated solely to the bathroom area. Dehumidifiers are essential in Volcano to keep a constant cottage humidity at a healthy comfortable 50% - 60%. There is a very nice built in heater / Electric Fireplace which is clean, efficient, cozy, charming and easy to operate. The beds are both equipped with heated Sunbeam mattress pads which are wonderful, cozy and warm. Top that with memory foam and heavy 200 gram Flannel Sheets and you get some real mountain comfort through the nights.
# 2 Read a good article on clean air and treatments: click here
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Rising gradually to more than 4 km above sea level (13,678 feet) / 2.6 Miles High), Mauna Loa is the largest volcano on our planet.
Its long submarine flanks descend to the sea floor an additional 5 km, (9km / 29,528 feet / 5.6 miles High) and the sea floor in turn is depressed by Mauna Loa's great mass another 8 km.
This makes the volcano's summit about 17 km (56,000 ft / 10.6 Miles High) above its base!
The Mauna Loa volcano covers half of the Island of Hawai`i and by itself amounts to about 85 percent of all the other Hawaiian Islands combined.

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