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The Guest Travelers Pillow Library

I understand and empathize with people that are out traveling in the world, but who also must sadly leave
Their Personal Favorite Pillows at home.
Pillows are very personal things.
Where and what one rests their head on is no small matter and should
I think be taken seriously.
Guests spend a fair amount of their precious vacation hours simply sleeping.
The cottage is in an ongoing process of building a diverse collection of pillows
in the hope that folks can find a comfortable surrogate that comes closest
to satisfying their particular needs.
With this in mind there is a virtual and growing plethora
of wide ranging pillows types for guests to choose from.
Soft pillows, hard and medium fluffy pillows, firm memory foam pillows, soft memory foam pillows, big pillows and small pillows, so on and so forth.
If one has ever shopped for a pillow, they know the range and choices are almost infinite.
I know a pillow library likely sounds perhaps a bit odd
but I do feel that it is an important feature
and that guests should be as comfortable as possible in the cottage.
Especially while sleeping.
The right pillow for the right head makes all the difference in attaining a good nights sleep
and, is thus worth my efforts.